The Gate to Plate Process

It's always good to know where your food has been and what process it has been through to get to your plate. At Farmer George we are happy to tell you. We know that you are buying from Farmer George because you want to buy the best possible quality lamb from a real farmer off a real farm. So here is the real deal:

  1.  Lambs, depending on the season are sourced from our property or from local farmers in the Mudgee region. We are looking to expand our production to have 100% of our lambs sourced from 'Meroo Hills' - however, this takes time and we are on our way to achieving this.
  2. Farmer George then takes his lambs to a council approved abottoir to be processed.
  3. A local Mudgee butcher then takes the carcass and sections it into your favourite lamb cuts.
  4. The cuts are then packaged. Farmer George Lamb is cryovac* vacuum sealed for freshness.
  5. Farmer George then picks up your lamb pack and delivers it to your door. How convenient is that.

*What is cryovac packaging, and why do we do this?

Cryovac packaging is also known as wet-ageing. This means once the meat is packed, it will continue to improve in flavour and also tenderise the meat more. This process could last up to 5-6 weeks while refrigerated. Cryovac packaging helps to provide protection from bacteria as it locks in quality and locks out air. It helps us to deliver a tasty, tender and juicy lamb pack to you everytime.

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